Libya Crockery Unit in Walnut Finish


Libya Crockery Unit in Walnut Finish by Design Today


Enhance the look of your living room with Libya Crockery Unit in Walnut Finish

This product makes the right pick for any home.

Characterized by the graceful moulded cornices that are a signature of this range.

The Hometown Libya crockery unit spells sophistication and warmth.

Let your display-worthy china peek through the glass, while the less spectacular odds and ends stay out of sight behind the wooden cabinet doors.


Brand: Design Today

Dimensions: H 72 x W 32 x D 12(all dimensions in inches)

Weight: 53 KG

Warranty: 12 Months’ Warranty

Assembly: Assembly by Brand

Primary Material: Engineered Wood

Height: 72.0 inches

Width: 32.0 inches

Depth: 12.0 inches

Seating Height: Dining Room


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