Latest Trends in Modular Kitchen

LAMINATED KITCHENLaminate kitchensare a popular kitchen style choice as they are inexpensive and available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Laminate kitchens are easy to clean and are both scratch and stain resistant.Whilst laminate has been available for many years, the finish and colour options have increased extensively over the years and due to technological advances, they are now extremely durable. These are often less expensive than other types of kitchens and bring the cost of a stylish, well designed kitchen within everyone’s budget.

Acrylic kitchen doors are becoming a popular choice these days. More and more people choosing acrylic because it is inspired by the best in European design, clean lines, and perfect symmetry. Similar production methods to our Square Edge Gloss range of kitchens but the added benefit of 1mm Acrylic foil on the Surface and similar Acrylic foil on the edges that has been applied using special technology for a superior gloss finish and edge strength, delivering near seamless appearance.

INCLINE KITCHENWhen fronts are not broken up by visible handle elements, kitchens have a particularly calm, elegant and modern look. Our Incline Shutter have typical bevelled front edge for an ergonomic and particularly convenient handle. With a streamlined and uncluttered look handleless kitchen units offer a much smoother transition throughout the room. We at Paracasa have a versatile and full handle-less range that offers individual planning and design possibilities whatever the requirements and budget.

SOLIDWOOD KITCHENBring a contemporary look to your kitchen with our Solidwood range of shutters. Solid wood Shutters are a fantastic solution for those who love the natural woody look and finish. Shutters made from natural wood like teak and oak carry the material’s uniqueness and charm. Solid wood is a natural, living material. Extremely durable and pleasing to the eye, it suits various design styles and budgets.

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