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The popularity of modular kitchen went up due to many reasons. The diversity of options that is offers under the category of shades, textures, materials, and furnishings is one of them.

Modular kitchen has pre-made units of furniture that can be setup in multiple ways as per the convenience of the user or to add a personalised touch. The variety, as we know, is diverse, which makes gives the modular kitchen a flexible nature.

The list of materials that are used to build modular furniture is long and the furnishings that can be added to them is even longer.

What is the purpose of kitchen finishes?

A suitable modular kitchen finish has the power to turn your kitchen’s look into a wonderland where everybody would want to spend time. Sometimes, what people do is that they choose the right kind of material but do not put much thought into the finishing of the furniture. Only a professional modular kitchen services will know the right kind of kitchen finish to add a zing to your whole home.

  1. Acrylic Finish –

There is something surreal about acrylic finish kitchens. The shine will add a touch of glamour to your kitchen and also has the tendency to make to your kitchen area look more airy.

If you want to give your house a modern and contemporary look, then acrylic finish is the best suited type for you.

Here are some of the perks of having an acrylic finish in your kitchen:

  • Highly durable
  • Improves aesthetic appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Not prone to damage caused by moisture & UV rays
  • Stainless Steel Finish –

Stainless steel is one of the best applicable materials for kitchen finishes because of the unlimited benefits it has to offer.

You can go for shiny, matt finish, or embossed stainless steel to alter and mix and match the kitchen design.

Here are some of the perks stainless steel finishes offers:

  • Corrosion & stain resistant
  • Non toxic
  • Economical
  • Long lasting
  • Refined & latest look to the kitchen
  • Laminate Finish –

If you do not plan on revamping your kitchen for a really long time, then it is best to use laminate finish for your modular kitchen. Laminate finish has almost double the lifetime of any of its counterparts.

Also, the look created by laminate finishing is a perfectly balanced combination of modern and ethnical due to the looks.

Here are some of the perks of laminate finish kitchen:

  • Resistant to moisture & water
  • Low on cost
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Membrane Finish –

Membrane is a PVC i.e., Polyvinyl Chloride foil that is wrapped around MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) under high pressure. It is available in wooden finish, matt finish, and glossy finish.

Here are the pros of membrane finish:

  • Water & weather resistant
  • Greater shell life
  • Available in various finishes
  • Easy cleaning with cloth & detergent
  • Economical
  • Veneer Finish –

Veneer will give you the perfect modern kitchen look that you are looking for. However, in spite that the looks of veneer are to die for, this finish is high maintenance and not exactly resistant to water and UV rays.

Irrespective, there are some pros of veneer finishing:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Low cost
  • Aesthetics like wood
  • Highly durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Matt Finish –

Matt finish has been making rounds in the trend for some years now. But this time, matt finish has actually stayed for a while longer. People have started making use of matt finish in many places such as cars, bikes, and phones, and now the trend has crawled in to kitchen as well.

The look is beautiful and anyone who sees it appreciates it.

Here are some pros of matt finish modular kitchen:

  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of colours
  • Adds sophistication
  • Glass Finish –

The latest trend in modular kitchen finishing is glass finish. Add a tint of sassiness to your modular kitchen and liven up your house with this amazing finish that looks ultramodern.

Here are some of the pros of glass finish:

  • High on strength
  • Long lasting
  • Myriad of colours available
  • Not high on maintenance
  •  Non-toxic
Modular kitchen in Jaipur

Budget modular kitchenBefore you begin designing, decide on your budget- this can play a major role in zeroing in on the theme and the amount of customization that should go into the project.

Kitchen shape: Depending upon the size of the kitchen, you can decide on the shape and the appropriate space utilization. The most common types of kitchens are straight, L-shaped, U-shaped and parallel designs. Parallel design can be used for a relatively large space.

Material type and quality: Once you decide the budget and the design, you must then finalize what material should go into the making of your space. Some of the brands used for kitchen accessories are Sleek, Godrej, etc. If you speak to a modular kitchen designer, they will assist you on what material suits your kitchen best, according to the ambiance, usage, and budget. Based on popular opinion, here are some of the materials that are predominantly used for Indian kitchens:

  • Wood/Plywood: Wood can be used for kitchens that require a deep finish and a classy look. Wood is very resilient and quite easy to maintain, which is why it remains as one of the popular choices for interior design. However, it is recommended that you keep wood out of your list if you happen to stay in highly humid areas, as it can cause mold and decay to occur over time.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel offers a sleek, glossy finish. Stainless steel is highly resilient to damage and offers durability, thus making it a long lasting option through the years.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum, just like stainless steel, is highly durable and offers a neat finish. The advantages of having an aluminum kitchen is the cost- the prices for installation and maintenance are significantly lower as compared to any other material. Aluminum is the primary go-to for commercial kitchen spaces.
  • PVC: PVC is one of the cheapest and most reliable materials when it comes to the kitchen. PVC can be molded into any shape and is available for a wide range of colors, hence is a great option for customization.
  • Granite: Granite is one of the richest materials used in kitchen designing. Granite counter tops can prove to be highly resistant to wear and tear. Granite offers a plush finish and is highly suitable for people who prefer deep undertones in their design.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is also one of the finer design elements that can be used to customize kitchenware. Ceramic is fragile but is known to last many years, if properly maintained. Ceramic crockery still remains to lead when it comes to kitchenware and accessories.
  • Marble: Marble can be used when the client requires durability and an excellent finish. Marble is known to withstand atmospheric attacks and can be used as a perfect substitute for counter tops. Marble also comes in a variety of finishes and colors, thus making it ideal for those who look for customization.
  • Wood Polymer Composite (WPC): Wood polymer composite is the perfect alternative for those who require a wood finish, but live in damp/humid conditions. With water resistant properties and low maintenance requirements, wood finish is for everyone now!

Height and depth of units: The height of the base units, wall units, and tall units is highly important to achieve a neat design of the kitchen from the usability perspective. Though there are set guidelines as to what the dimensions should be for ergonomically designed units, you can customize it according to your height.

Kitchen sink: The sink is an important aspect in the kitchen used for cleaning dishes, washing vegetables, and fruits. Aesthetically, sinks must have good width and depth so that it can accommodate all dishes with ease. Some of the materials used to build a sink are stainless steel, ceramic, granite, marble, and terrazzo. According to your requirement and weather conditions, faucets or taps could have both hot and cold-water outlets.

Modular Kitchen in Jaipur

Modular kitchen designs are the new way to go with optimum space utilization. With kitchen cabinets and spaces allocated for different items, modular kitchens are the ultimate call for sophistication and ease of access.

While interior designers do handle designing for modular kitchen layouts, you can also approach modular kitchen dealers near you who specialize in the same. Modular kitchen designers in the city extensively specialize in designing the layout of the kitchen space only. You can choose from different architectural styles while designing your kitchen. Some of the popular styles of kitchen architecture are:

  • Contemporary: Contemporary designs are generally streamlined, efficient, minimalist, yet expressive. Designers usually rely on both natural elements in the design like wood and stone; and manufactured elements like steel, glass, etc.
  • Italian/European: European kitchens are mostly invested on a white or eggshell decor. They incorporate elements that highlight sophistication and also include marble for tabletop and kitchen counters to give it an elegant and classy finish.
  • L-Shape/U-Shape: These types of designs are generally implemented in small sized kitchens where the counters are designed in a way for implementing space saving.
  • Parallel kitchen: For small kitchens in small new homes, the Parallel modular kitchen would work wonders – more work space provided, lengthwise than breadth wise. The concept is designed in such a way that there is optimum convenience given in the small kitchen and plenty of work space allowed as well.
  • Island kitchen: An amalgamation of the Parallel shape and the L- Shaped kitchen, the Island shaped modular kitchen is best installed in large homes. Such kitchens allow for more room and work space, and to store large amount of goods and utility items too – perfect for large Indian families or big joint families.
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Modern kitchen has become a household name. Anybody who is getting their house constructed or renovated, opts for a modular kitchen  rather than a traditional kitchen.

The difference is quite eminent between the two of these. While traditional kitchens have been around for years, modular kitchen became the hero that swayed everyone off their feet as soon as it landed in the market.

Moreover, when people realized the functionality of it, a wave of popularity went through the whole country. Jaipur has not been left unaffected by the wave of modular kitchen.

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There are many added advantages fulfilled by modular kitchens
which the traditional kitchens have never been able to cope with.

  • Customization – modular kitchens offer the added advantage of customization. Be it the cabinets, the countertops, the size, the design or the colour, everything and anything is customizable.

Everything can be either matched with the whole
house’s looks and colour scheme or can be made to stand out on its own. Any
pattern, design or colour cane b chosen from.

  • Storage
    Sorted –
    one of the biggest advantages served by modular kitchens is
    the sorted storage. These kitchens resolve to a highly efficient storage system
    which gives ample of storage space in the same area.

Each cabinet is designed to optimise the use of the
available space and different measurements are used for various utensils.

  • Convenient
    the hassle of searching for a carpenter, finding the perfect
    material, and pondering upon the sizes and shape of your cabinets is all gone
    with the introduction of modular kitchens. Installation of such kitchens is as
    silent as a snail. All you have to do find a good modular kitchen designer,
    tell them your expectations and leave the rest to their expertise.
  • Eye-Candy –
    These kitchens are pleasing to look at. There are hundreds of designs to
    choose from. Various patterns and almost a dozen of materials. The colours are
    as many as one knows. Various combinations of colours can be used or a single
    subtle earth shade. The beauty of modern kitchens is eye-catching.
  • Easy
    Assembly –
    Assembling a modular kitchen is as easy as blinking. This is
    one of the reasons why modern kitchens have become so famous and such widely

Best Modular kitchens in Jaipur have paved a path of themselves through the years of usage of traditional kitchen. This has been possible due to its endless added advantages over its counterparts.  

In the kitchen, the research and selection of the raw material, of their origins and of their intrinsic value represent the secret to an exclusive recipe to try, share and taste. The same concept applies to the “Kitchen Project”, where every design manifests itself as a personalized solution for its user. We offer a mix of stylistic choices of taste, material, color and finishes for improved ergonomics of your kitchen. Our strength lies in the fact that we are dedicated to home improvement in a broad sense. By constantly going in search of ‘smart’ products that combine innovation, aesthetics and accessibility, Paracasa goes on and on

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